The Gardens at Willowcrest Park

A new approach to the traditional cemetery.

A perfectly peaceful place.

A perfectly peaceful place.

The needs of families have changed over the years. Families choosing cremation over burial has risen significantly and that rise is continuing. Over 50% of families in the USA now opt for cremation; twice what it was in 2002.

As we saw this change taking place, we had a dream in 1999 to create a garden that's made specifically for cremation. And to reimagine what a cemetery could be. Our goal was to make it like no other cemetery. We know it's important to meet the changing needs of families, and we wanted to offer something truly different than the traditional cemetery options of the past. 

Though ground burial is not an option, by design, we do offer private estates that allow for above ground mausoleums for those families that chose not to be cremated, but still want to have their loved one in this beautiful, peaceful, and serene place.

Willowcrest has also become a place for the permanent memorialization of pets, and is the only cemetery in the state that allows pets and their owners to be interred together.

We encourage you to visit The Gardens at Willowcrest Park to learn more about what options are available. 

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Photo Gallery

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