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What Is The Main Purpose Of A Funeral Home?

A death in the family can be an emotionally overwhelming experience. No matter whether it was sudden and unexpected or not, death brings a sobering reality to all who are affected by it. In the hours that follow, you may wonder how do you begin to process this news? You may also start to ask what comes next? How should you handle the affairs of the deceased? Who should you ask for help with funeral and cremation arrangements in Frankton, IN?

When a person is in a state of grief and shock, it can be difficult to sort through these thoughts without the support of family, friends, and caring professionals. That’s where Loose Funeral Homes & Crematory can be of service. Our compassionate funeral care experts guide families through their funeral planning and grief resources options and help them to decide the best way to honor the life of their fallen loved one.

Funeral and Cremation Services in Frankton, IN

As a full-service funeral care center, our facilities, and equipment are among the best in the area. We provide families with several service options for the funeral planning and grief process. This allows them to thoughtfully consider what they want the funeral to be like, and how they might wish to lay their loved one’s body to rest. Service options include:

Cremation Services: Our staff is qualified to perform the cremation process for those who request it. There are a variety of ways that cremation can be utilized in after-life care. Some families choose to cremate the body and hold a memorial service at a later date. Other families may choose to hold a traditional funeral service with the body of their loved one present, and then to cremate the body after the funeral. Still, others choose direct cremation because of its affordable cremation cost, where the body of the deceased is retrieved from their place of death and taken directly to the crematory for processing without any funeral or memorial. The ashes are then given back to the family.

What you choose to do with your loved one’s cremated remains is a personal preference. You can keep them in an urn in your home. You can scatter them in our cemetery’s peaceful and serene cremation gardens, or an appropriate place that would be meaningful to the deceased or the family.

Burial Services: If the family wishes to bury their lost loved one, we can coordinate and arrange for this service. This includes the traditional casket or urn burial, internment in a mausoleum or any burial style requested. For those who die in service to our country and community, burial in a Garden of Honor is another option.

Onsite Crematory: We can provide cremation services at our onsite facility. There is no need to contract with a third party at an outside location for this service. Once your deceased loved one is with us, we will respectfully care for their remains until the completion of all funeral and cremation services in Frankton, IN.

The Community Room: Part of our service offering includes the benefit of a place of gathering for those who come to mourn and pay their respects to the deceased and the family of the fallen. It is a place where people can remember and celebrate their love and connection with each other and with their lost loved one.

Pre-Arrangement Services: There is wisdom in preparing for what is to come. You can plan ahead for your planning and grief resources process in the funeral industry. When a person chooses to preplan and pay for their funeral services, they are demonstrating an act of love for their surviving family and friends. It is a thoughtful kindness that significantly eases the burden of funeral planning.

Grief Support Group: Adjusting to life without your loved one can be a difficult road to walk alone. No one understands what you are dealing with until they experience the loss themselves. That’s why we provide a place where those who are hurting can gather together for support and friendship in their grief.

Pet Cremation Services: Our services include the option to cremate a beloved pet. Their ashes will be returned to the family that loved the animal in life.

Pet Loss Grief Support Group: For many of us, our pets are members of our family. We know that losing these little bundles of love can bring as much emotional pain as the death of any other loved one. Gathering with others who are also grieving their lost pets can be a wonderful way to celebrate the joy and happiness they brought into your life.

Loose Funeral Homes & Crematory is a family owned funeral service company. Since 1955, our family has been privileged to serve our community of friends and neighbors when they need our help. If your family has lost someone you love, let us help you with funeral and cremation care in Frankton, IN. Our office is located at 200 W 53rd St, Anderson, IN 46013. Call us here at (765) 649-5255.

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